A very tiny depiction of my fursona, named Spiff
The name "LANDY," but as a spinning, 90's-style 3D text model.

est. June 3rd, 1999

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"I've been hacking into government and corporate international secrets all over the world, and I'm going to expose them all... and no one knows I'm doing it."- Neil Breen

What I "do"

I am proficient in many skills, such as music, sound design, voice acting, 3D animation, and video editing.


Yes, I do voice acting!
Here's my voice demo, which also includes payment rates.
For limited occasions, I'll do free stuff too.


Wanna see what I've worked on? Say no more.

I've been involved with numerous other works, most of which can be found in this YouTube playlist.


I make a lot of music, which you can typically find on either YouTube, Spotify, or SoundCloud.

If you want to buy my music, you've got options!
Bandcamp (mostly old works)
Ko-fi (newer works & stems)
My Bandcamp stuff is, and will remain, name-your-price.
No money? No problem!


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At any rate, you've got a better chance of reaching me on social media.


Spiff's current design, by Red Wolfe. He stands tall, but modestly.

Spiff is my fursona.
He is a rather large raven.
The current iteration of his design was created by Red Wolfe, but he has been drawn by many artists in a variety of different styles.If you'd like to make a Spiff drawing of your own, by all means, take liberties!
It's always fun to see new interpretations of him.
You can click on him to go back to the main page.